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Electric Automatic Cupping Set
Electric Automatic Cupping SetElectric Automatic Cupping Set
Product Features

Powerful, Professional Vacuum System (Max Vacuum: 60 cmHg / 25 inHg)

Electric Automatic Suction System

Vacuum Pressure Adjustable w/Finger

FDA Registered, 220V Pump Available (please call or leave a message), Ship to Worldwide

Available for Suction Therapy or Massage Therapy both.

Massage Therapy / Facial Baguanfa / Abdominal Cupping / Sports Cupping / Detoxification Treatment / Cellulite Treatment / Reflexology Treatment / OrthopediCupping / Foot Cupping / Lymphatic Drainage / TTM Cupping / TMJ and Sinus Release / Trigger Point and MyoFascia Release

1 3.25" dia Extra Large Size Massage Cup

Cups can be sterilized by boiling water

17 Premium Quality "Made in Korea" Cupping Cups (7 Size Cups include Oval, Massage cups : 10 of 2" dia cups, 2 of 1.8" dia, 1 of 1.6" dia, 1 of 1.3" dia, 1 of 1.1" dia , 1 of 2" x 2.75" dia Oval Cup, 1 of 3.25" dia Massage Cup)

10 Acupressure Pointer

1 Massage Pressure Part

1 Plastic Tips

60" Tubing Hose

Electric Automatic Cupping Complete Set
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Professional Electric Auto Cupping Set
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