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Sequential Compression Garment Only w/Tubing Connector (Single Garment ONLY, Not Pair)
Air Compression Garment (Large Size) w/ Tubing ConnectorAir Compression Garment (Large Size) w/ Tubing Connector
Air Compression Garment (Large Size) w/ Tubing Connector
Item#: 1016

Product Description
Available Garments

If you need to purchase 2 Garments (Pair), You can increase Quantity.

Tubing Hose Connector comes with sleeves.

(qty 1) comes with single tubing connector.

(qty 2) comes with double tubing connector.


1 Garment w/Single Tubing Connector, make qty 1 in cart

2 Garments w/Double Tubing Connector make qty 2 in cart